General update: September 2020

September always feels like a new year to me. I feel creative and full of ideas and plans. I wonder whether it’s because the academic year is so ingrained in my subconscious.

Closing the chapter on Prehistory

Well, almost.
I may have decided it’s time to move on a topic but I am still working on my Prehistory photographic project so it’s not entirely over.

Where you can find more of my writing… EEEK

This learning log has been so good for my soul. I really mean it, writing for me is a kind of therapy. And so it is with immeasurable pleasure that I say someone else likes my writing enough to want to publish my work to their own website.

Planning my first photographic project

I’ve had ideas for projects before but never followed through on any of them. I think my ideas were always a little too big and trying to pull them off felt out of reach. Recently I came up with a project that links my photographic journey with what I’ve been learning about prehistory.

Analysing the roll: Part V

For me, this has been a really interesting roll of film. It was my first try with Ilford FP4 and I decided to do a few tests.

Analysing the roll: Part IV

Here we have Ilford XP2 an ISO400 film. It’s black and white but C41 process which means I couldn’t develop this myself (AH!).